Sunday, October 27, 2013

Long overdue update...

We've been working on our game so much that we've forgotten to update our blog... Another reason why we haven't given a recent update is that there wasn't really any HUGE update to inform you guys about, but we've changed, added, and fixed so many little things about our game. For instance:

- Added stomping sound effects for when any kaiju walks or runs (This'll help the giant monster atmosphere)
- Kumounga's webbing attack actually makes sense now (It covers someone in webbing)
- 2 new levels have been finished since the last update (King Ghidorah's and a surprise enemy's)
- Kamacuras is now a new enemy, and was put over every Varan clone (Varan's going to have an important    role in this game instead of being cannon fodder)
- Every Kaiju that burrows now leaves a gaping hole in the ground from where they surfaced (Makes much      more sense now)

And keep an eye out for a new demo in December!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Godzilla Ultraman Gamera! Now with a bigger screen, & full of HD Goodness!

We finally figured out how to make our Game's Backgrounds, Panels, and Foregrounds as HD as they once were! No color-loss or nothin! Not to mention we increased the size of the screen! Check it out!:

~Before, and-
- After.

Every stage made so far has been increased in size, and has no color-loss.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

New Bosses!

Introducing The Sinister Alien, Mephilas! The Destroyer of Worlds, King Ghidorah! And The Toxic Smog-Monster, Hedorah! All of them are completely finished, along with Mephilas's level. Here's some screenshots!:

~Gravity Beam!
~More Gravity Beams!
~Hail to the King!
~Say it, don't spray it!
~Pollution is the Solution
~Fistful of Sludge!

We're Alive! No foolsies!

Godzilla - Ultraman - Gamera: All Monsters Attack is the title of the Kaiju Beat em up Game my brother Aaron and I have been working on using a program called OpenBOR. The Game will play like most beat em ups, as a side scrolling fighting game in which you (and possibly a few friends) fight against hordes of enemies. 

The game will feature a large cast of Kaiju from the Godzilla movies, Gamera films, and several of the Ultraman series. The game will allow up to 4 players to play as one of the Kaiju or Ultras featured above, and take on a legion of evil Kaiju and Alien Invaders.

We don't know how long the game will take us to finish, but it will likely be finished some time from now to 2014. The game will also be playable on the wii, for those who have the homebrew channel. We'll be posting updates on what Kaiju will be appearing, and uploading videos of the game in action. This blog is going to be updated at least once a week with information on the games progress.

For those who want to help, you can make some custom sprites, or artwork for the game. While we have an abundance of Godzilla and Ultraman Kaiju, we only have 4 Gamera Kaiju. Some Artwork for the game would be awesome as well.

We hope you guys will enjoy the demo's and then the game when it's finished, any comments, input or ideas would be appreciated. Be sure to check out the pages to the right for Download links for two demo's, The Gallery for pictures and videos, The Links for links to other important places, and The Characters section for Movelists! And be sure to check back for further updates!