Tuesday, January 7, 2014

3rd Demo Released!!

Introducing the 3rd Demo of Godzilla Ultraman Gamera! With this download is a four player demo with 11 playable characters, 13 stages, boss rush mode, and a massive amount of updates and changes from the last demo. Go to the download section to the right to get it now!! NOTE: Playable for most Windows, and the Homebrew Channel. 


  1. LOOOOOOVE this game! I'd actually pay for this if it were on Steam. Ultraman/Gojira/Gamera 4ever!!!!! Keep it up!!!!!

    1. P.S. I'd really be stoked if you were to maybe put Ultraman The Next in the game. :)

    2. Thanks man! Glad ya like it :). Next'll definitely be in, either very late in the game or as DLC.

    3. Awesome!!!! I cannot wait!!!! The Next is my favorite Ultraman of all time!!! I can die happy knowing that he'll be in such a spectacular game! [:D