Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July!! GIPSY DAAANGER


  1. I managed to win in the Defender mode,but it has very hard.And i fonud a bug when playing the second mode.When i was playing as Red King,the Boss Red King stood and he did nothing, and the enemy attacked him.And when he died, I would die too,a very werid bug,but the game stil incredible and i love the last level of the Peguila.And in the next update,can add Varan as playable character?I know yous just showed this update days ago, but it would be nice if had Varan in the future update.

    1. That mode needs serious balancing lol, so bravo! Ope thank you for finding that bug, that'll be instafixed shortly. Thanks a bunch! Not the next update, but Varan certainly will be playable later along.

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  3. Hi,is me again,but in this time i have some questions(If you want,you can answer only a few, or even none)
    1.what are the planned characters?
    2.Will the game have how many stages?
    3.There will be more game modes?
    4.will have more enemies that are less known?(for example:Pagos,Namegon,Gorgos and Balloonga all form Ultra Q.)
    6.What are the bosses planned?
    And a last thing:In the Last time i play in the Gauntlet,i find that same bug,last time, but I discovered something:This bug happens only with Red King and Baltan boss (in Gauntlet mode).
    And when you die and choose another character and the bug monster dies, you become a character you di
    d not want (for example: I wanted Godzilla, but after the bugled Red King died, I became the Anguirus).
    And continuing, when you die with such a character that you did not want to be, your lives go up, one by one. Practically this bug make the lives immortal, as if it were the use of cheating (even though not having cheating mode yet XD)
    That's all I have to say for now and good luck in the production of the game. :)

  4. I play 「godzill ultraman gamera」. It is very fantastic game.
    By the way I have a question. I like the music of the 2nd gyaos boss battle. But where is that music from? Is it bgm of anime or game?