Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July!! GIPSY DAAANGER


  1. I managed to win in the Defender mode,but it has very hard.And i fonud a bug when playing the second mode.When i was playing as Red King,the Boss Red King stood and he did nothing, and the enemy attacked him.And when he died, I would die too,a very werid bug,but the game stil incredible and i love the last level of the Peguila.And in the next update,can add Varan as playable character?I know yous just showed this update days ago, but it would be nice if had Varan in the future update.

    1. That mode needs serious balancing lol, so bravo! Ope thank you for finding that bug, that'll be instafixed shortly. Thanks a bunch! Not the next update, but Varan certainly will be playable later along.