Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bonus Characters!

We're releasing friggin' Bonus Characters for GUG! Just answer any few of these question questions and it'll magically appear before you~

Or just answer em' here!-


  1. 1. Godzilla because like you intended he is a tank plus he is Godzilla.
    2. Mothra because she has low health and got brutally torn apart by Gyaos...
    3. The first level because to be able to take on Gigan and Megalon as 70s Godzilla with Jet Jaguar at your side was just wonderful.
    4. There was no level that I really disliked they all were good for one reason or another.
    5. Neronga as at times he can be a good challenge plus the missing sprite trick is clever.
    6. Mechagodzilla because I was very pleased when his funky 70s theme came on. xD
    7. It was a good challenge I had a hard time beating it in its entirety but that may be because I am new to this kind of game and I suck at remembering combos...
    8. This is not a necessity as it is a beat em up game but if it were possible someday a Vs Mode would be very fun because of all the characters in the game there would be a large cast even if they weren't all playable.
    9. Boss Rush Mode was fantastic it was blast taking on an army of monsters.
    10. I love the large amount of characters and the detail that goes into them plus of course I love Boss Rush. The only thing that really bugs me is that sometimes the enemies toss you around way to easily and sometimes I cannot even get up or do anything...but they may be since I have noob syndrome xD

    Overall a great game and I am certainly looking forward to its completion c:

    1. Noice, thanks for the feedback! I can't find how to send the link to your google+ or youtube account, hwhat is your email if I may?

    2. Your welcome I am happy to help :)

    3. Cool cool and did you get the link n' stuff okay?

  2. Yep downloading now. Thanks I cannot wait to try them. ^^

  3. 1- Godzilla 1954, because I like his design and nothing is better than a Classic =)
    2- Mothra, because she is very weak.
    3- Well, it's hard to decide, because all the levels are great!
    4- There's no level I disliked.
    5- Guiron, because he is a very cool looking enemy, and strong as well!
    6- King Ghidorah, because he's my favorite Godzilla's villain of all time!
    7- It was ok, enough for having fun.
    8- Well, I would like to see more of beat-em-up NPCs.
    9- It was really cool, I enjoyed it.
    10- I liked the mix of this three incredible characters in just one game! Keep going with this project! ;)

    1. Cool responses! You got the bonus link from a youtube message right? :)

    2. Yeah, and I enjoyed all the new characters! You guys made a perfect job! :D

  4. 1. Ultraman Tiga. I like how he was a Jack-of-All-Trades with his Strength and Sky modes, and that you could teleport out of trouble when you needed to.

    2. Mothra, because she was very weak and Battra beat her senseless.

    3. Probably my favorite level was Fukuoka. I like it because it was a smooth transition between the mountainous region, industrial complex, and inner city.

    4. I didn't quite enjoy the Snowy Alps, mostly due to the snow obscuring what was going on.

    5. I enjoyed Telesdon, because he gave me a good challenge while not being frustrating.

    6. Favorite boss was the Red Gyaos, because the build-up to the battle was nerve-wracking due to the Baby Gyaos' increasingly appearing all the way back in the level prior.

    7. I feel it's sort of a mix of just right and too challenging, because while it starts off easy, it increases in difficulty as you progress and gets frustrating around the middle.

    8. I enjoyed it, although it again is frustrating.

    9. I would like for there to be difficulty options, like Easy, Normal, and Hard, as well as more continues (those lives in-between character re-selection).

    10. I think it's a very good game, as both a loving tribute to the daikaiju genre and as a standalone.

    1. Awesome thanks for replying!! We're absolutely gonna have more difficulty levels, awesome to see someone liking Tiga so much! You got the download on your DA righty right?

    2. Yes, thank you!

    3. Mothra isn`t weak. The reason why she`s weak in this game is because whoever created this game made Mothra weak.

  5. 1.godzilla 54 love the classic :)
    2.mothra just.. weak :(
    3.first one it was so cool fighting with characters from godzilla vs megalon
    4.none all levels are fun ;)
    5.gyaos awesome monster
    6.king ghidorah 3rd favorite godzilla monster
    7.can be challenging some times but nice stress reliever
    8.maybe vs mode and more monsters ?
    9.awesome but a little hard for me atleast
    10.very good game with variaty of monsters/kaijus keep up the amazing work!

    1. email is :)

    2. I'm glad you enjoyed the game! Did'ja get the demo in your inbox and such?

  6. 1. Godzilla 54 - Love smashing things with my tail!

    2. Mothra - Too weak, not enough health :(

    3. First level - I like Gigan!

    4. I love them all!

    5. Guiron - he is so cool looking

    6. King Ghidorah! he is a nice boss battle, and my #1 favorite godzilla enemy

    7. It was a challenge for sure, But not impossibly hard.

    8. Perhaps a boss rush designed for single player with only 1 boss a stage (not Gigan + Megalon)

    9. Love Boss Rush Mode!

    10. There are sooo many cool characters. 4 player mode is simply amazing!

    Things I would like to see -
    A VS mode for sure, so you could stage battles like Gamera vs Gyaos. Also a PVP duel type of mode. It might also be cool to play as the villains vs the heroes. I would also love King Ghidorah as a bonus character!


    1. Cool feedback!! We're glad to hear someone else enjoying 4 player mode too n' GUG Fighting Edition'll probably be a thing somewhere down the line lol.

      By the way instead of getting this, go to the 8th Part Finale video on our channel: to get the updated version of this download with another playable boss added.

  7. 1. Godzilla 1954. I love the way the big G plays :D.

    2. Mothra. She is to weak.

    3. Okayama. I like to be able to destroy buildings.

    4. There weren't any stages I disliked.

    5. Probably Telesdon or Neronga.

    6. I can't really tell, since I haven't played through the entire game.

    7. It gets very frustrating at times (especially Battra Adult, and that one burrowing monster in the desert stage), but it is still an enjoyable game. I would love to see a difficulty setting (Easy, Medium, Hard).

    8. A difficulty setting, a Versus mode (a 1P vs. AI mode is what I am referring to), and a Destruction mode.

    9. It pretty fun. I haven't played much of it though.

    10. The big roster of monsters and the fun gameplay. This game is great, keep up the good work :D!

    1. My email is

    2. Nice responses n' I hope you enjoy the rest'a the game!!

      By the way instead of getting this, go to the 8th Part Finale video on our channel: to get the updated version of this download with another playable boss added.

    3. Thanks man :D.

      Will Godzilla 1990s be added anytime soon? I would love to be able to play as him :D.

    4. Weeeell check out the latest demo update is all I can say *wink wink nudge nudge*

    5. Awesome :D! Thanks for letting me know.

      Why isn't the latest demo update in full screen like the last one was?

    6. Somethin' do with Openbor settings probably, you can change it back in Options > Video Options > Display Mode

    7. Why does Godzilla 90s have so little health? He only has one bar while the rest have like three.

    8. Wha-huh? Everyone's lifebars have changed aesthetically to one, but that doesn't mean they gots any less health, Godzilla 90s has one bar like everyone else n' stuff

    9. Oh. Didn't know that.

    10. I have a couple questions:

      1. When will the full game be complete?
      2. Would a 1P vs. AI game mode and/or a single player destruction mode be possible for the future?
      3. Would it be possible to add a difficulty setting?
      4. Who is the additional playable boss?

    11. Sweet I gotta couple answers!:

      1. Uhhhhh *dashes outta the room* lol, we're gonna shoot to finish it by the end'a this year but it's anybody's guess I suppose
      2. Both very possible, in fact one will very soon ;)
      3. Yes- Definitely- Absolutely! In the future there'll be normal and hard mode to pick between!
      4. The additional bosses are a seeeecret- they're Gigan, Megaguirus, Megalon and Biollante, the video shows em' off a lil too

    12. Will MechaGodzilla 1993/Super MechaGodzilla be added? He is a good monster.

    13. *pets mechagodzilla* Who's a good monsteeer? lol, But yes he'll be an npc first then eventually playable for sure!

  8. i know this is an old post but where can i download the new year vercion??

    1. There isn't a New Years version, it was just'a preview of what's to come- plus a fun little thing we threw together lol

      Though the actual newest version is on our channel, in the final part of our longplay (8th part) the info has the link :)

  9. 1.i like Anguirus because he is both fast and strong
    2.yes.mothra is just to weak
    3.they are all good.they as fast it does not take to much time to finish them and that's great!
    5.Baragon he teached a tatic
    6.Gyaos.greative boss figth is so much hard!
    8.Mecha Godzilla 2/Gorosaurus as palyable charcters
    9.i like it
    10.i liked the charcters

    1. Thanks for the feedback! Though the latest update with bonus characters is in the final part of the "Longplay" series on our youtube channel's description, and a whole new update will be out very soon! :)

  10. 1.godzilla 1975-i like godzilla because he is strong 2.mothra-he is weak 3.okayama-i like to destroy building in the game 4.i like all levels 5.telesdon-because he is a little bit stong 6.ghidora-because he is tough 7.its just right i love this game :3 8.mechagodzilla2/kodolar as playable characters 9.boss rush mode is awesome 10.i like kaijus

    1. You didn't have to answer these but thank you! The newest update's at the front of the blog!