Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Years Update, Attack on Godzilla & The Longplay series!!

The blog's been a lil behind but here's what it's been a-missin'!

The New Years Update! A preview of the next level and a hysterically awesome surprise!

Attack on Godzilla!! A quick fan-game of one of our favorite anime's getting stomped by the first G in G.U.G. lol

And the Longplay series!!! Where we play through our whole game as Goodzilla n' Alteraman with commentary (We apologize for Cory's voice in advance)

Youtube Playlist: Dyarn Let's-Players


  1. Where can i download the new year update with the new level of godzilla-ultraman-gamera?

    1. The new year update didn't include a download for it sorry, the new level won't be released any time soon either but an update in general will be coming soon to gug :)

  2. Hey I just have a quick question will Biollante and Megaguirus ever become bosses? If so I have a few suggestions for their levels. For Biollante you could have the player battle her in the lake from her movie (the name escapes me) and throughout the level you could maybe have her tendrils pop out of the ground as enemies. For Megaguirus perhaps a flooded city with little swarms of Meganula as enemies? Just thought I would spit out some ideas. I love the game and I cannot wait for the new update. :)

    1. We've thought about both and- Megaguirus'll eventually be a subboss or boss even, and Biollante'll likely be an npc actually- given her origins she's not really evil and we decided not to make her a boss. She was a boss however when originally created, so later in a standalone Godzilla game she'll be a boss. Thank you for the ideas though we'll consider them for standalone Godzilla levels! :)

  3. Alright sounds cool! Happy I could help. :)

  4. The best game ever!!! Great work! Sorry my poor english. Sugestions: please make this another playable characters:

    1-Minya\little Godzilla son (yes... with a mini-stature\collision boxes and very agile)

    2-Incredible Hulk (Mega Drive or SNES game): Yes, the green goliath from Marvel. In two versions: ''Normal Hulk'' (a ''mini-character'') and ''HULKAIJUU''\KAIJUU HULK (giant stature).

    3-ALL characters from ''King of the Monsters'' 1 and 2 (Neo Geo\SNK)

    4-Dino-tank from Ultraman

    5-SUPERMAN: yes... the Super-hero with a ''micro-stature''.

    6-The Thing (Fantastic Four)

    7-GROOT and DEVIL-DINOSAUR (Kaijuus from Marvel)

    8-A Blanka (Street Fighter) kaijuu (giant) version. ''Blanka-Kong'' :P

    Thank you for atention. ;)